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Heart Problems

by Grant McLaughlin Short stack, snack pack, I’m about to have heart attack. Little things, wedding rings, swollen shut arteries. sweating a lot. shop until I drop or until I have a really bad blood clot. Fall like sleet, doesn’t it sound neat not to notice your last heart beat. Pray in the church, whileContinue reading “Heart Problems”

Demonte posing. Photo by Parker Galloway

His Name Is Demonte. Local Hip-Hop Artist Is Coming For The Top Spot.

Oxford Mississippi has always been known for its music scene, but beneath the sound of hundreds of college students stomping to a cover of “Sweet Caroline”, is a hip-hop artist standing strong and independent from any other sound produced here. His name is Demonte. Tyler Glenn, AKA Demonte is a local hip-hop artist and studentContinue reading “His Name Is Demonte. Local Hip-Hop Artist Is Coming For The Top Spot.”

Photo by Robert Jordan/Ole Miss Communications

UM Scientists Ready To Hear Back On Powerful Hemp Based Pain Reliever:

Scientists and representatives from the University of Mississippi pitched CBDVHS, a cannabidiol analog to the National Institute of Health for a program they are running to find a non-opioid analgesic drug in early April, they expect to hear back any day now. Dr. Kenneth Sufka, a UM professor of psychology, pharmacology, and philosophy, and hisContinue reading “UM Scientists Ready To Hear Back On Powerful Hemp Based Pain Reliever:”

The Woods

The trails near the Rec. Center in Oxford MS
never lack for wonder or sights
of diverse life living in seemingly endless harmony.


by Grant McLaughlin I still remember the day I got the email I wasn’t going home after spring break.   My home wasn’t my parents house and all my stuff wasn’t in boxes or packed into anything.   I was 556 miles from the family I hand picked from classes and parties, I got tooContinue reading “Eviction”


Women break hearts they say,
but my heart feels like lemonade.
At first it was sweet,
and then it turned sour.


My neck is just a canvas
and you a master painter
drawing blood from my veins
to use as fresh red paint.

Photo by Parker Galloway

Little Man

by Grant McLaughlin Little man, don’t go work in towers. Don’t forget the sunshine on your face, don’t make too much money, and don’t forget to take care of your family. Little man don’t wear shoes in the backyard. Don’t drive places you can walk to, don’t forget to get your Mama flowers and takeContinue reading “Little Man”

seeing it all

George Floyd.
Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Legal weed in Mississippi.
I think I’ve seen it all at 21.


By Grant McLaughlin I cant be licked on, dicked on or tricked on. I’ve seen every lie coming out of your lips, I’ve heard all your bull shit. I’m not surprised by anything, all I do for you dripping down the drain. I can’t be played, I’ve been sitting at this table a long time.Continue reading “Tricks”


Windows are made of glass,
Blasted red hot sand cooled
To be transparent,
Rock turned fragile crystal.


Water drips down the glass
of a window pane.
Hot steam rising from the ground
turning the open air into a Turkish bath.


Run river run,
climb mountain climb.
Put that boat down in the water
before that sun’ll shine.


By Grant McLaughlin The room is dark, dimmed lamp shades swinging on cords from the basement ceiling. It’s 1921, cigarettes hang in hands as suspicious cocktails are consumed by even more precarious members of a speak easy’s. The music is light, soft percussion and somber tones from a bass like boom. Soothing sounds come quietlyContinue reading “Jazz”


By Grant McLaughlin Wicked souls damaged by the thorns of society leak the venom they were cut with. Like open wounds pouring putrid blood onto un wanting victim’s skin.

Photo by Grant McLaughlin

A day in the wild

A lady bug flies through
the hollowed tree trunk,
buzzing past the metropolis
of ants, termites and other insects
who call this fallen tree home.

Photo by Grant McLaughlin


By Grant McLaughlin The sun rises, the sun sets. The leaves fall from the trees and the snow falls coating the land in a layer of white. Then suddenly, it melts away in a week like it was never there. The grass grows again, the birds fly north and the flowers bloom in the beautyContinue reading “Cycles”

Why Protest?

By Grant McLaughlin I smoked a joint out of a window while I sat there watching the evening news. Every night at 6 O’clock there is another video of police officers in riot gear shoving people to the ground or throwing tear gas canisters or shooting rubber bullets at protesters. I saw the Police shoveContinue reading “Why Protest?”

Workers repairing front window of the Point Skate Shop in Deep Ellum Tx. Photo by Grant McLaughlin


The people are angry.
The streets are empty at night,
the Police and their Government incite harm,
but violence begets violence.

George Floyd

Another Human Being choked or shot.
We see it on the TV every time,
special edition breaking news at 6 O’clock.

Photo by

A Pitch

The pitch,
a speech that’s very theme asks
a question.
Do you wanna buy what I’m selling?

Photograph by Parker Galloway

Untitled 3

The day was cold like a witch’s tit
Old man Galloway used to say that
Sitting on his pier in Jarreau.

Photo by Grant McLaughlin


Deep beneath the Earth,
lies our history ,
far above us our future.

The Pianists pain

By Grant McLaughlin The Grand Piano plays the sound of beautiful pain and suffering. The music expresses the dismay of Humanity; how that hurt can sound so beautiful to you and I. A voice in perfect pitch is his key in perfect tune, and his list of sorrows that he transcribes into music. The pianistContinue reading “The Pianists pain”

The Lecture.

By Grant McLaughlin The smell of Coffee is fresh in the room. Pens, pencils, and erasers dragging across pieces of paper. A Gatekeeper educates the room of sponges absorbing what he says as they drip it back onto the page of their notebooks. Heads bob back and forth across the room as different people speak.Continue reading “The Lecture.”

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