Dancing The Seasons

I see you dancing 
in the window.

Twirling in the rain 
that falls as if it was on cue.

The water shakes off 
your hair, sure to fall 
to its doom in the foot print 
shaped puddles below.

I hear you singing in the wind 
and it sounds sweet, like the 
strawberries we shared in the spring.

 I miss the bumble bees that
buzzed around us in the forest holding hands.

Twirl away from the pain of winter,
when the cold pierced everything,
even the spaces between our pressed
bodies sleeping with each others hands interlocked.

Twirl back to the summer
that smelled of perfume and 
blooming magnolias, where the sun
burned as hot as your lips pressed on mine.

Twirl your way back 
to that pumpkin patch, where
kids were running all around us,
and the oak tree leaves were red like 
your lip stick that always seemed
to stain my collar.

And now your clothes are wet,
my heart is soaked in your love.

You are dancing to the seasons,
and I watch them change around you. 

Published by Grant McLaughlin

Poet and Journalist. email me at grantmac1231999@outlook.com

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